About Us

The Dream

DreamCatcher Organics was born out of a passion for creating a healthier planet and a successful 35 year career as a sweater designer.

Organic cotton baby blankets were the obvious place to start. Children deserve to be surrounded by pure chemical-free organic cotton and to inherit a clean, sustainable planet.

It’s not common knowledge that regular cotton is one of the most chemically laden crops grown. The chemicals from these crops get into our air, soil, and waterways.

DreamCatcher Organics blankets are created using pure, GOTS certified organic cotton. This organic cotton is certified to be grown and processed without genetically modified seeds, chemical fertilizers, or pesticides. DreamCatcher Organics combines my passion for providing babies & their families the best blankets while also caring for Mother Earth. Every product can be purchased knowing you are contributing to a healthier more sustainable planet.

Our mission is simple: to make unique high-quality and Earth Friendly products that delight your family for generations.

– Deborah
Artist & Founder of Dream Catcher Organics